Top 5 software quality assurance tools you need to know

Software testing(software quality assurance) plays a very important role in the advancement of software thus poor software testing methods prompt unpredictable development times and unstable software testing lifecycle. It is exceptionally fundamental to have the best software testing methodologies to guarantee that the software product conveys to the end-user is strong, highly reliable, and stable.

Every system has software bugs and the truth is, it’s impossible to design and bring out a perfect software product. Imperfections in software can sometimes cause unbelievable disasters, history knows many examples of such situations when software flaws have caused billions of dollars in waste.

Quality control and software testing very important in every field where an end-user product is involved, so software testing provides lots of benefits. It gives confidence in the quality of the final product, it saves a lot of effort time and money for the organizations that are developing and selling the product, and because once the product is tested they can be sure that there’ll be no faults that would prove fatal to them later on it.

The process of execution of a software to find out if it needs tweaking and alterations is very important before the product is sent out for use for the user. To identify the errors in the product is a really important part in the Software Development business. A product can’t be available for commercial use until a thorough quality assurance check is done on it.

Manual testing

Manual testing of software is done by humans meaning someone uses a device to evaluate components like design, functionality and performance. They click through multiple elements and units of the web application/software without support from a tool or a script. Testing a software’s defects and glitches manually is time consuming, expensive and subjective to human error.

Due to these flaws, automated testing comes in the game. Automation focuses on replacing the human activity with systems to minimize errors, and to reduce the time consumption.

Once you or your team decides that you are ready to get started with automation or software testing in general, there are 3 things that you should decide on.

1. Product

Software testing tool selection is one of the most important steps before testing any software in any organization. It is important because the tool will greatly affect your automation effort. If the tool is good and gives you required features, the testing becomes easier, effective and fun.

2. People

For your software testing to go right, you need a team of talented people who are ready to accept challenges and have programming, technical and a variety of automation skills.

3. Process

Process are the test cases, and the test scripts which you write to test your application or any sort of software using the suitable tools.

These were the 3 Ps of software testing and test automation.

Using tools to perform tests on software offers testers achieve higher coverage with greater process consistency and relevant repetition. Software testing tools save your time, resources and coverage in short.

Here are the top 5 software quality assurance tools you need to know:

1. Selenium

Selenium is an open source tool that supports variety of languages and frameworks. Selenium should be your first choice if you are creating any kind of test automation. Anywhere you go as a software QA, Selenium is the first priority as a testing tool. It has a multi browser support so it’s important while choosing any kind of automation tool. It supports various platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux.


JIRA is a software that tracks the bugs and issues in a software. It’s a part of a family of products. JIRA is used as an issue tracking product and for agile project management. Issue tracking, workflows that are customizable, estimation, progress reports are some features of it.

3. Postman

Postman is used for API testing. One of the most popular tool used in API testing, it is a great platform for API development. Postman provides you automated test cases you can perform, it helps you develop your API, design and mock, documentation and monitoring.

4. Jmeter Load testing tool

A very important tool is Jmeter if you are in software QA or manual testing. Jmeter is an open source load testing tool which can help you perform various testing to your websites. It also does support lots of different features that go out of the way to solve your problems.

5. Appium Mobile Automation Tool

Appium is an open source test automation framework that supports iOS, Android and Windows application. You can test your native and hybrid applications as well as Mobile web applications.

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Top 5 software quality assurance tools you need to know
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