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Isn’t it a good idea to track and authenticate products?

Fake products and adulteration are growing problems in today’s world. For businesses, this leaves a potential risk for loss in revenue.

The founders of Asleefy, ACGP, realised a market gap in this scenario and approached Digitaez to come up with a solution to fight fake products.

Knowing that in such an advanced world, barcodes and unique identification numbers are measures for secure product packaging, however, generating the same codes is no more a deal.

Understanding the demand for a highly advanced application, Digitaez came up with an idea of a QR code scanning application to enable every common person to identify the authenticity of products.

Digitaez partnered with ACGP (Anti Counterfeiting Group Pakistan) to build an effective application against counterfeiting. ACGP is an organisation, working with government and enforcement bodies to provide effective solutions to counterfeiting. They have strict policies and work to protect clients’ intellectual property rights.


Besides the obvious goal of sales and revenue, we highlighted a few objectives for strategizing an enthusiastic approach, listed below:


Counterfeits added more risk with the increasing problem of adulteration and fake products. Fake replicas of original products are quite common nowadays. Expensive and renowned brands are the most common targets of the same. Fake products are sold at a low budget because of the poor quality of elements used that are sometimes intended to cause serious hazards to consumers.

5% of the world's trade is counterfeit products with severe social and economic impacts. Sometimes, poor-quality stuff is sold at a very high price. Moreover, public revenues are affected by upload taxes and duties. Also, infringing activities are commonly utilising profits for other illegal activities.


Digitaez, having a passion for new apps and unique solutions, tapped into the need for a QR scanning application with an idea to help users find details about products. By just scanning the QR code, all product details appear on the mobile screen, and products are verified.

All brands and products listed at ACGP can be easily verified with Asleefy. Our team of application developers developed an efficient QR code app that scans any product listed with ACGP. The application is available for iPhone and Android users on Appstore and Playstore, respectively.


The application was intended to scan the QR code to deliver all the product’s details, including name, image, price, manufacturer, and expiry date.

A fully-functional QR code scanning app was focused on supporting various QR formats. With complete comprehension of our client’s requirements, we initiated our job. With an easy-to-use interface, an application was built to scan QR codes. Furthermore, it was ensured that users could also store the scanned QR codes and other details for further use.

As per the requirements, our experienced developers dived into research to understand the working of QR code scanning applications. The entire research and development were done with all features, testing, and app deployment.


What sets Asleefy apart from other apps is the speedy and easy installation and configuration settings. It was built to provide users with a high-speed premium user experience.

The app comes with account creation so that multiple users can use the single app with their separate accounts by making the app more personalised for users

In a world full of applications, simplicity motivates users to use your app. We ensured that the app was easy-going, even for tech-savvy people.

Asleefy is highly flexible, compatible with all major platforms, and ensures maximum output.

Asleefy is highly flexible, compatible with all major platforms, and ensures maximum output.

After scanning, an authentication code is also received, making it fully secure and authentic.

With Asleefy, you can earn loyalty programs and rewards. Our monthly paid membership offers premium benefits and exclusive schemes.

Asleefy is more than just a QR-scanning app. With the idea of helping common people with daily products and their authenticity, we understood our client's intention and vision to help them build the app they wanted.


With exemplary reviews from users all over Pakistan, this application has received a lot of positive feedback from users because of its functionality and ease. With this application, getting complete details of a certain product becomes super easy. Compared with other apps, the users of Asleefy are receiving the most accurate results. Encourages various businesses and brands to register themselves and their products with ACGP to counter fake products and fight counterfeit.

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