Digitaez is known for harnessing business intelligence solutions to convert your data into valuable insights. Business intelligence solutions and systems are integral in transforming companies into contemporary and data-driven organisations. With expertise and proven records, Digitaez is renowned world-class business intelligence company in USA.

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Services that we offer

As a leading business intelligence solutions company, we offer expert business intelligence solutions to build custom software from scratch or upgrade your existing analytics platforms. We help your organisation with business intelligence custom solutions built according to your requirements. Digitaez delivers impactful business intelligence solutions by providing accurate and meaningful insights to escalate your business with improved decision-making.

How Business Intelligence Improves Strategic and Tactical Decision-making?

Business intelligence leverages software to turn massive raw data into valuable and meaningful pieces of information and help businesses make better choices, make informed decisions, and outline priorities. BI strategy enables organisations to improve decision-making, solve real business problems and gain insights.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Solutions

Digitaez is one of the leading business intelligence companies with the ability to tackle your business challenges using BI technology to help you maximise growth and generate revenue. With our expert business intelligence services, you can have the best way to achieve business efficiency, better risk management, easy data control, and tailored capabilities. Our experts will help you with the best and optimum solution to achieve maximum value.

Better Risk Management

Companies can monitor risk compliance using business intelligence solutions and make data-driven decisions. It also helps identify fraud by monitoring fraudulent user behaviour and rectifying suspicious patterns. Our business intelligence services can help companies develop predictive analytic solutions to make accurate and reliable forecasts of market trends and demands to eliminate risks.

Improved Operational Efficiency

We have helped several companies improve their operational efficiency via our implementation of business intelligence solutions, BI tools, and technologies. When processing huge data, better ways are generated to enhance customer experience and marketing operations.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Our exemplary business intelligence solutions offer a competitive advantage and help you stay ahead of your competition. With an opportunity to track the competitor’s performance, BI solutions help understand how you gain an edge over the competition.

Better Understanding of Customers

BI solutions help to comprehensively understand user patterns and customer approaches to improve performance, ultimately rendering a better experience for customers. Hence, this leads to improved customer satisfaction and will encourage more people to visit your business and generate leads.


It helps establish a data aggregation and analysis process to inform management decisions. With BI solutions, you can analyse valuable insights from internal data. As a result, efficiency and decision making is improved. 

Business intelligence is used for effective data management, better decision-making, accurate reporting, and much more. With our custom BI solutions, you can create a system that fits your business goals and objectives.

Every custom business solution works to meet end-user needs. You can ease your everyday business operations with our data warehouses, data mining, predictive analysis, and self-service BI solutions.  

The basic difference between both is when the event occurs. Business intelligence deals with descriptive analysis and summarises past and present data and answers to what and how questions. However, business analytics focuses on predictive analysis utilising data mining, modelling, and machine learning to identify future outcomes.

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