Guide On How To Utilize Linkedin Ads Effectively in 2023

We know that you are doing good with your Facebook ads, and your Google ads are performing extraordinarily. 


But have you tried and tested LinkedIn ads yet? 


Looking for a new channel to find traffic, leads, and customers? LinkedIn is your answer – a perfect place to look for all these, especially B2 Bones. 


You would be surprised to know that 65% of B2B marketers have acquired customers via LinkedIn ads. 


Since being born in 2002, the platform has grown immensely from a place to connect to a network of professionals with the most effective social media tool for connecting with your audience. 


Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is different. With a non-typical social advertising look, it’s a no-display platform with almost no SEM skills required. 


LinkedIn is a highly valuable tool and also serves to be a beneficial marketing platform. You can make way for your brand’s voice through LinkedIn ads and that to influential decision-makers. 


Among 830 million plus users, 90% have the power to impact business decisions and possess twice the buying power of typical virtual audiences.


LinkedIn ads act as a force in B2B marketing, leveraging advertisers a chance to connect with a business-oriented audience. 


However, LinkedIn ads are not just intended for B2B companies. Several organizations, including B2C companies, non-profits, universities, and even individuals, are utilizing this social media ad platform. 

Well, this platform is considered to be more potent when it comes to B2B paid socials. Surprisingly, it generates almost three times the B2B revenue than other social media forums.  


Around 80% of B2B marketers reported LinkedIn as the best in delivering paid social results. It yields more than double the leads than other platforms and is said to be five times better conversion tool than landing pages. 


Let’s learn how to utilise this platform to its maximum potential and get the most with this guide to LinkedIn ads. 


Let’s get started!


Types of LinkedIn Ads


Got to target the audience of professionals? They are all on LinkedIn. With a vast audience of professionals and others from all corners of the globe, LinkedIn is a significant marketing opportunity to be missed. 


Following along with our guide to LinkedIn ads, discover the types of advertisements available and how they can help you achieve your desired goals. When running LinkedIn ads, you are offered a variety of various kinds to pick from for your campaign to move ahead. These include the following:   


Sponsored Content


It’s a native ad appearing directly on the users’ feed as they scroll through. They are seamlessly integrated and appear the same as any other content posted by the users. These are labelled as prompted to be distinguished from the regular content. 


You can go with carousels, single images, or even video ads. These ads typically bear the highest average cost per click. They massively help in creating awareness, nurturing leads, and maintaining relationships. Sponsored ads are considered excellent for engagement and have outstanding visibility, rendering a chance to produce engaging content. 


Sponsored Message 


These ads appear in users’ inboxes which is drastically beneficial. These ads are labelled with a sponsored tag and carry a CTA button. This ad sends your content directly to your audience from an account and is better measurable. 48% of companies interact with customers and prospects in this way. 


With a high open rate, these ads are considered exceptionally successful as they are less distracted when reading a DM. Sponsored message ads allow building bespoke ads with relevant content to deliver to qualified leads. 


Dynamic Ads


Dynamics ads are bespoke and custom ads that change the content based on who is viewing them. This technique uses users’ personal data to tailor its content accordingly. 


When a dynamic ad appears in a user’s feed, their personal information, such as their picture, name, and job title, is visible. However, if these details are considered too confidential for any user, they can change their settings to hide them. These ads are available in 3 formats:


  • Follower ads – to promote your LinkedIn page.
  • Spotlight ads – to promote special offers.
  • Jobs ads – to promote new and relevant job openings. 


Text Ads


Text ads appear on the right column or at the top of the LinkedIn page. This is the simplest form of LinkedIn ads and is still quite effective for creating awareness and reaching the audience. 


These are good options if you want to build leads in an audience of professionals. Text ads are simple to create. Even with lower visibility than other LinkedIn ads, they are proven to drive results at an accessible price point. 


How to Advertise on LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is a proven and exemplary platform for B2B advertisers, and with B2B targeting options, LinkedIn ads stand apart from other social media advertising platforms. Knowing this, LinkedIn has optimised its targeting options to let the advertisers slide in and be able to connect with specific professionals. 


Before diving in, take a pro tip – don’t forget to analyze and optimise your campaign at regular intervals. 


Create a Campaign


To create sponsored content, firstly, you need a LinkedIn account or a page. Once done, create a LinkedIn ads manager, also known as a campaign manager, to allow this to be your home for all your advertising activities. 


To start with a LinkedIn campaign, you must go through a campaign manager. This platform helps in delivering relevant and targeted content for your audience. 


Set Up Your Objective


You need to have a clear image of what action you want to inspire among your audience. In addition to knowing what ad types you want to run, you must choose objectives for individual ad campaigns. 


They define which result you optimize for and significantly impact campaign performance. There are three broader categories of LinkedIn ad objectives, each with specific actions: Awareness ads, Consideration ads, and Conversion ads. 


Target Your Audience


As your business grows, your audience evolves. It’s integral to have an update on buyer’s personas and keep a track record of your consumer journey. Segmenting your audience is a great way to target and helps to customise the content effectively. 


You must choose a location, job title, company name, industry type, and other personal or professional interests. LinkedIn suggests a target audience of 50,000 for sponsored content and text ads for your first campaign. For sponsored message ads, a target audience of 15,000 would also work. 


Select the Content and Suitable Ad Type


To pick a suitable and relevant ad format, you must be cautious with your content. Customer segments shall help you identify to tailor your content effectively. Also, depending upon the objectives you have chosen, you need to pick up the most suitable ad type and format too. 


As a recap, the following are the ad types you can choose from:


  • Sponsored Content – ideal for engaging audiences in the newsfeed.
  • Sponsored Message – ideal for engaging the audience in the inbox. 
  • Text and Dynamic Ads – suitable for running ads in the right column as a popup. 


Set Up Your Budget and Schedule


Once your ad is ready, you need to set up a budget. Whenever you run a campaign, you need to determine how much you are willing to spend on it. With LinkedIn, you must meet the minimum amount to run your campaign. 


LinkedIn provides a budget range based on competing bids for a well-targeted audience. The initial weeks are a learning experience to analyze what works in your favour. 


For testing, LinkedIn suggests a daily budget of at least $100 or a monthly budget of $5,000. On LinkedIn, you are charged based on your campaign objective. With a higher budget, you will get more out of it, such as more traffic and leads for your business. 


Measure Success


It’s easier with LinkedIn to track your progress in the campaign manager dashboard. With this, you can also keep track of conversions in the graphs at the bottom of the dashboard. With this reporting dashboard, 


You can review performance, access charts and demographics, and export a report. Conversion tracking can also be done here. If you are running multiple campaigns, you can review the performance of each one of them in the same place. 


It can help you compare each ad campaign and see how to improve the low-performance ones. 




Whether you are looking to find more prospects or are eager to explore an untapped audience, LinkedIn ads might be the way to go. Your LinkedIn advertising is sorted if you are in a B2B space. In addition, LinkedIn ads also work well if you are selling consumer products. 


With patience and real strategy, LinkedIn can be a massive factor behind your company’s digital advertising success. Being a powerful advertising platform, it’s a loss to miss. A well-crafted and optimized campaign has enough potential to bring tons of new leads and sales. 


When designed correctly, LinkedIn ads can derive targeted and quality traffic.


Once you have created a quality ad campaign per LinkedIn’s guidelines, choose your target audience, measure your results, and you are there.  


Go, get started!

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