7 ideas to have while building an application as a rookie

If you have ever decided to build an application as a beginner, there is a 100% chance that you were paranoid. Will the application work? Will it successfully launched? Will the time and resources only go to waste?

There are a lot of applications which have been developed by developers who do not have an IT related educational background, yet they made millions of dollars of revenue from the success they had. So basically, what you need for an application development is skillset based on Tenacity and Grit, instead of a technical educational background.

Here are the top 7 ideas to have while building an application as a beginner:

1. Idea on the paper:

According to American author and financier, also quoted by the movie inception, “An idea is like a virus. Resilient, highly contagious. The smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define you.”

The best of the ideas come from a person having a solution to their problems. It’s not necessary that you have to invent something innovative or new, you can cleverly innovate an existing idea and it should take off. This could be done by researching trends and needs of the society and bring fresh air to the existing audience.

For starters, redefine your idea by analyzing what makes your idea stand out, your target audience, the business goals and the marketing ways plus the cost of the project. Talk to people when your idea is crude to gain more and more knowledge.

2. Share the idea:

Sharing the idea with people instead of isolating yourself with the idea in your mind is unwise and may lead to anxiety when you become closer to launching the application. The fear of rejection is a true state, but when this fear comes to your mind closer to the launch date, it always ends up catastrophically. It is better to know people’s perception on your product before it’s too late.

There should be communication with your key demographic before anyone writes a line of code. Start soft-sounding your ideas directly with your prospective users. Stay connected throughout this entire process. Start early. Start now.

3. Brief project outline:

I know that this might sound boring but having a project outline is very important, especially when building your first ever application. Ask questions to yourself, why you are building this app, how this app would solve people’s problems, the content your application will have and all the key features.

It is important to identify the design and UX of the application and to make sure it’s easy to navigate and creative.

4. Finding the right developer:

Building an application is not one person’s game. If you have low or no technical knowledge about this field, you must hire the correct team. It’s an ongoing commitment and not a one-off project.

Learning to code with complexity is a good idea and practicing with a mentor will only make you fly high in terms of application development.

You also must hire a technical partner who will cater the work for you and also help you out where you are lacking.

You can also fully outsource the development to contractors or app development agencies, but it will only cost you more.

It’s important to work with someone you already know, and someone who has good communication skills and can work with learners, and this can only pe possible if you look thoroughly for the right developer.

5. Minimum Viable Product:

Also known as “alpha”, it is the first version of your application and it only includes the most important features of the website and focuses on the functionality of the site.

It is very important to build the MVP of the website which is visually simple, but tests the needs of the users.The early testing will teach you a lot.

According to CEO of Stop, Breathe & Think, Julie Campistron “When you want to throw in the towel is usually when something unlocks. You have to hang in there a little longer than most people. Ride the uncertainty. Embrace the process and never lose sight of the experience equity.”

6. Connect:

Investing in PR and community building is a very good idea, especially some time before the launch of the product application. You have to identify the social media network that suits your application for advertisement and connect with the audience.

You should not throw out money in advertising without thinking smart, instead, you might have a platform-specific approach.

7. Work on Reviews for the betterment:

The most important thing after the application goes live is customer satisfaction.

According to Diane Hamilton, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Binary Formations “Sometimes you need a palate cleanser. Sometimes it’s good to have an idea and try it. Sometimes you decide not to bring it to market. It’s not wasted time. You learn something.”

The success of an application is based upon the connection of the developer with the users. Keep a system which collects feedback and works on the analysis of the rating data. You can buy a software for customer service satisfaction as your application grows. This step is very important in the sustainability of a launched application.

As you collect feedback and analyze user data, you’ll make ongoing improvements and updates. You might decide to pivot later.

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