The reflection of how we generated 75000+ customers

YES.. those numbers are real, and we achieved it in just 180 days.

Let's see how it all started..

A company named Scents N Secrets once approached us. Being one of the most affordable and premium impression perfume brands, they saw the market with a lot of profit to cater for people after branded fragrances but are under the influence of their pockets.

They attempted to reach the market online to cater to this audience. However, after several struggles and strategies, they concluded the need for a new approach.

And that's exactly where Digitaez came in.

They turned to us for a cost-effective digital marketing and branding strategy to boost their sales online. In us, they found what they were looking for and got us on board. Our collaboration was indeed one of the most successful projects for us.

As one of the most popular impression perfume brands in Pakistan, Scents N Secrets produces high-quality impression perfumes at an attractive price. However, a high bounce rate and cart abandonment was observed throughout the buying journey, so, and with the question "why", we started with our customised and well-researched branding strategies.


With a mainstream objective of generating sales and boosting revenue, we classified several other goals for designing a better approach listed below:


The potential perfume market for Scents N Secrets was yet to be discovered. Our client realised the opportunity but remained sceptical about the digitalisation and branding of the product. Scents N Secrets wanted to create a strong base in Pakistan by going online.

But before investing, they wished to assure the complex mark that thrives in the current market. To reach its full potential, they sought to comprehend several aspects, including consumer behaviour, user demographics, marketing opportunities, ongoing trends and effective tools and techniques.


Digitaez conducted in-depth market research and presented our findings as a concise report. Then, combining traditional and contemporary tools, we derived the required findings.
After conducting the research, we devised a strategy to better explain to our client the horizons of business about web statics, SWOT analysis, SEO analysis, social media marketing stats and customer feedback.
This helped us gain a broader perspective of the perfume market which eventually helped dispel a lot of ifs and buts that our client has set out, as a new struggling entrant.

Research for Market Segmentation and Target Audience

Initially, with no data, we started with research to better comprehend consumer behaviour. Then, analysing helped us to evaluate the significant market. Finally, the market was segmented into various targeted groups after a thorough analysis.

Classification of Target Audience

With a detailed inspection of the market, targeted groups were further classified in gender, age and class variations. Considering that fragrances are everyone's weakness, both men and women were a part of the target audience. Furthermore, in the fast-paced competitive world, young and even teens are after cool fragrances; hence, they are separately classified. Creating impressions with affordable prices was the motive behind catering to all classes; however, the prime focus was on middle-class buyers.

Brand Positioning

Knowing the growing urge for fragrances, we saw the organic potential for the brand to grow. In addition, the current digital strategies were underlying the brand's market positioning, which we took over by offering our expertise for better market positioning

Brand Awareness

Any brand can not achieve outstanding success until it creates awareness amongst the target audience and market. So our prime focus was to generate brand awareness and identity for the users to attain maximum leads and boost sales. Intending the same, we outlined a custom digital strategy and kept measuring results to rectify how it was doing.

Web Development

Undoubtedly, Shopify serves as a giant ecommerce platform. Designing and developing a Shopify website was a leading move of our strategy. It not only provided a platform to shop but to create an engaging portal. However, we were quite surprised that offering the consumers the most affordable process did not work in the business's favour. The too-good-to-be-true prices had the users in doubt. Being certain that we needed a shift in our strategy, we took digital platforms on board.

Social Media Campaigns

Google and Facebook ads were our initial starting. Later, instead of advertising, we prioritised building trust and brand loyalty. Retaining and attracting potential customers via digital platforms was not an easy task. However, we managed to bring value to customers through giving knowledge, helping them learn about us, and constantly engaging content over social media with a touch of an Ad push made us achieve our goals. Creatives such as video posts and static ads catered for massive Instagram and Facebook audiences. In addition, we took TikTok and Snapchat marketing to the next level. Retargeting ads and retaining customers through email marketing was also a task on our list.

Influencer marketing

This is a genuine technique to gain customers' trust; hence we undertook several renowned Pakistani celebrities and influencers over the board for a better reach. Customers tend to trust such personalities more, which also worked in our favour.

Other Strategies

A few more tactics, such as collaboration with other ecommerce platforms like Daraz, were highly favourable to boosting sales. With high conversion rates, we introduced testers and gift boxes for customers to gain trust and build brand loyalty. PR packages for celebrities and influencers with a shout-out in return helped us achieve massive results.


The first ever impression perfume was launched in Pakistan with a motive to extend the top-notch experience to the users. Over a tenure of 6 months, our full-scape digital marketing and branding strategy helped Scents N Secrets boost web traffic by over 200%, with an increased Instagram reach of about 50 thousand followers. Also, the consistent website traffic funnel from their social media channels back to their website results in 43% of visitors into customers.

200% Increase in Website Traffic
43% Visitors Conversion
78% ROI in 90 days

Numbers don't lie, and the results
speak for themselves

This was not our only accomplishment. We have a lot more to tell. With careful planning, strategic thinking, and a forward-thinking approach, we aspire to extend value to all our present and upcoming clients.

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