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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a legitimate and strong advertising tool that assists you in maintaining an edge over your competitors. As a leading and recognised PPC advertising agency in USA, Digitaez offers white label PPC services on multiple domains, including search, social display, emails, SEM management, etc. We aim to take an audience-first approach to deliver the best return on investment.

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White label

We have worked with several clients nationally and internationally and have provided PPC and Adwords campaigns. In addition, we are a full-service PPC management company rendering result-driven strategies that assist you in expanding your business and gaining profits.


Get to a Better Position and Prospectus With Our White Label PPC Services

We know that managing a successful PPC campaign can be quite complicated and time-consuming for your business. Digitaez offers its clients a fully managed PPC ad campaign service along with custom Google AdWords campaigns tailored according to one’s business goals and target audience. Our process is proven to be tested and renders efficient outcomes. Let us get your business a prominent position with our wide range of white label PPC management services.


Proven Records

We have proven records of doing and creating wonders. Digitaez has mastered its PPC management services and promises to deliver remarkable and noticeable results. With no comparison to others in offering PPC services, we have the next level of expertise in delivering a wide range of PPC marketing services.

Skills and Expertise

Our skills and knowledge combined are utilised to meet our client’s marketing needs. We keep our clients in a constant loop of everything we do.

Bespoke Solutions

We aim to deliver bespoke PPC advertising solutions for all our clients by providing unique and custom strategic plans to ensure exceptional returns. We strive to add value to our client’s businesses with a forward-thinking and creative approach.

Fastest Response

Digitaez has its name proven to deliver the fastest response with optimum problem-solving techniques for all our clients’ needs.


Certainly yes. PPC advertising is quite cost-effective in the digital marketing category because you only pay the advertiser when an ad is clicked; that is exactly why it is named as Pay-Per-Click. Compared to other digital marketing and advertising forms, PPC is relatively affordable.

Making your website rank organically at the top of search results is quite difficult, and using PPC ads makes it possible for your website to appear on top of SERP. This is how customers and visitors can visibly see your products and services. Not to mention, this method is comparatively cheaper than other types of advertising.

PPC is one the most successful ways of digital advertising. It is proven that advertisements that appear in SERP get almost 45% of page clicks. Moreover, users who open PPC ads are more likely to purchase a product than organic users.

AdWords campaign is an online advertising platform where an advertiser pays to get its product displayed briefly via advertising, product listing, and video content. Digitaez creates custom online PPC campaigns for your products or services and displays them to potential customers. We manage search engine marketing keeping the customer funnel in view. The audience who looked for you or visited your competitor's website gets interested in ads they repeatedly see.

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